Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Balancing Out


The second round of the Italian Game Tournament has concluded. After racing to the top of my group, I had to wait while one player, then another, also finished their games and overtook me. I was able to take third place on a tie-break (thanks, in part, to "My Bodygurard!?"), even though my record against the fourth place finisher was only a draw and a loss; and I will advance to the next round. (Will I finally play a Jerome Gambit there??)

This seems likely to balance out what will happen in the Giuoco Piano Tournament, where the last game is almost over (there is a mate in one), and the expected winner will vault into a tie for first place in the group with me. I have a win and a draw against him, but his tie-break points will be better than mine; and only one of us will advance to the next round. 

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Rick Kennedy said...

Dear Readers,

Ah, no luck, again!

I have already started my five games with the white pieces in the third round of the Italian Game Tournament, mentioned above - again, no Jerome Gambit .

There is no opportunity - or chance - to progress to a further round.

Maybe another time, another place.