Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Jerome Gambit Tournament

I will be following the progress of the upcoming (to start this month) Jerome Gambit Tournament at RedHotPawn.

The list of players signed up so far includes SeinfeldFan91, who won last year's Jerome Gambit tournament. Playing as well will be rigidwithfear, who played in one RedHotPawn Jerome thematic in 2014 as well as last year's; and ZorroTheFox, deriver69, and BigD00, who played in another RedHotPawn Jerome thematic in 2014.

The tournament is open to subscribers, not just RedHotPawn members, so I will not be joining in the fun.

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Rick Kennedy said...

Dear Readers,

To get a little background on the players, I looked each one up at RedHotPawn and used the "Explore Games" function, which allows a search of their games by opening variation.

Oddly, none of the players had any Jerome Gambit games show up! That seemed odd, as I had reported on previous RedHotPawn Jerome Gambit play, so I knew that at least a few had played the opening.

Then I noticed a note that "thematic" games were excluded from the database.

Okay, that explains it.

But it doesn't help me with any tournament previews.

Oh, well.