Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Ecstacy and Agony of the Jerome Gambit

This previous post is worth repeating 
for those who may have missed it.
I mean, how often do you see "balderdash in the highest sense" 
to describe a chess opening?

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Grandmaster Jon Speelman's "Agony Column" at the ChessBase news site presents games submitted by average players. Each week he shows one player's "agony" game, where the outcome was not a happy one; and the same player's "ecstacy" game, where the result was more enjoyable.

GM Speelman's analysis is, as always, instructive, enlightening, fair and enjoyable.

This week he takes a look at two of my Jerome Gambit games.

Wow. "And lived to tell the tale", as they say.

Be sure to stop by the site and read the column! Be sure to check out the "Discuss"comments as well.

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