Monday, December 26, 2016


Recently chessfriend Yury Bukayev pointed out that somehow, somewhere along the way, this blog had lost its "Links" section on the right side... Odd.

Thanks, Yury! I have started to repair the problem.

By the way, December 2016 is the month with the most visitors to this blog, since it began on June 10, 2008. Readers - thank you!

And - I'm sitting on top of the standings in the Giuoco Piano tournament, one point ahead of the field (thanks, in part, to the Jerome Gambit). However, IlToscano has two games left, so he can catch and pass me... Serves me right: against the next-to-last-place player, I allowed a pawn fork of two of my pieces, and resigned. How strange, given that in the Jerome Gambit I routinely give up more material than that! What was I thinking??

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