Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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I have given periodic updates on the Giuoco Piano thematic tournament at Chess.com that I am playing in, under the belief that I - surprisingly - was going to finish at the top of the field, thanks to a lot of teriffic battling amongst players, and to the Jerome Gambit.

Much to my surprise, and some embarassment, I have learned that there is one more round to play!

So, I will have black and white against IlToscano and AWARDCHESS, who finished the previous round ranked #2 and #3 respectively. (The latter moved ahead of Altotemmi on tie breaks, 93.75 to 93.5!)

Apologies for prematurely claiming victory in the tournament.

My successes with the Jerome Gambit in the earlier round against my current opponents came mostly due to the element of surprise. I expect to have even harder fights this time around.

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