Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fascinated by the Jerome Gambit

In the book review of The Art of the Checkmate by Georges Renaud and Victor Kahn at the online Chessentials site, the  Jerome Gambit game NN - Blackburne (given as taking place in "London tournament, 1880", but this is likely in error) was presented, with the note
The author calls this opening a Jerome’s Gambit. It is of course nonsense in modern chess, but I still remember how I played it almost regulary immediately after I read this book.
Of course, upon reading this I immediately left a note requesting to see any of the site master's games!

I suspect other chess players did not take Joseph Henry Blackburne's "lesson" to heart, and, instead, were fascinated by the play of "NN" and his Jerome Gambit.

I will share what games turn up.

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