Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jerome Gambit: More Videos

When I mentioned the video "Is Jerome Gambit Sound?" April 5,  a few posts ago, I neglected to list the three other Jerome Gambit videos that Mato Jelic had posted earlier at YouTube.

They were pointed out to me by Roland Kensdale at the English Chess Forum.

"Must See Jerome Gambit" concerns the game "NN vs Blackburne, England, 1880" - the best-known and most exciting Jerome Gambit. (As we have only very recently learned, the year was more likely 1884).

Check out also "The Birth of  Jerome Gambit", focused on "Alonzo Wheeler Jerome vs William A Shinkman, correspondence 1874". This is the earliest game that I have a score of, although Jerome, himself, said he first played his gambit against G.J. Dougherty.

The "Practical Application of Jerome Gambit" features the game "Bill Wall vs Itboss , Online, 2016" 

All of Mato Jelic's videos are great fun and well worth viewing.

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