Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jerome Gambit: Humiliation

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Abject humiliation.

I just completed a 10 0 online blitz game with the Jerome Gambit.

I won on time.

I won't annoy my opponent by giving his name. 

For historical purposes, here is the final position when his flag fell (with Black to move, mind you). I don't need Stockfish's help to figure this one out.

I know that I have shown other Jerome Gambit players escaping similarly, but it's a bit different when it is my game.

What kind of a role model is that?

I have half a mind to take up knitting.


Kevin Sheldrick said...

Absolutely beautiful! Did you send your opponent a comment after the game? After a similar finish, I like to send my opponent the a nice comment like, "Thankyou, gg", though I have to be quick to get it in before they +censor.

Rick Kennedy said...

I usually follow a win or a loss with "Thanks for the game". This time I sent a message pointing out the obvious: that my opponent had utterly destroyed an opening that I was quite fond of, and which I thought I knew something about. I asked if he had purposely surrendered the game, out of a sense of mercy. (I did not mention that toward the end of play he had declined my implied offer of a draw, when I repeated moves. He could have used those seconds later.)
No response so far.