Friday, June 20, 2014

From Staid to Chaotic

Starting out with a calm defense, the following game becomes more dynamic - and as the clock ticks down, play becomes more frantic...

Philidor1792 - Guest616259, 2014

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 d6

The Hungarian Defense. Here, most Jerome Gambiteers would sigh and mumble "Maybe next game..." But not Philidor1792.


We have seen this kind of a thing in "Philidor vs the Philidor". 

4...Kxf7 5.c4

Now, Black has to figure out what to do, how to arrange his defense. It is not unusual to see him protect the g5 square against incursion, but this will come back to haunt him.

5...h6 6.d3 Nf6 7.Be3 Be7 8.Nc3 Rf8 9.Qb3 Na5 10.Qa4 c6 11.Qc2 b6 12.O-O Kg8

Except for his offside Knight, Black does not seem to have suffered
from the gambit - but, too soon, he relaxes.

13.Rac1 Bb7 14.b4 d5 15.bxa5 dxe4

Surrendering the advantage. Instead he had 15...d4 16.Bd2 dxc3 17.Bxc3 Nd7 18.Nxe5 Nxe5 19.Bxe5 c5

16.dxe4 b5 17.cxb5 cxb5 18.Qb3+ Kh8 19.Nxe5 Kh7 20.Qxb5 Bxe4 21.Rfd1

Possibly better was 21.Nxe4 Nxe4 22.Qb1 Qd5 and now the acrobatic 23.Rc4!?.

21...Qe8 22.Qxe8 Rfxe8 23.Nxe4 Nxe4 24.Rd7 Bf6 25.Nf3 a6 26.h3 Rab8 27.Kf1 Nc3 

28.Bd4 Bxd4 29.Nxd4 Nxa2 30.Rcc7 Rg8 

Time is so short that both players miss 30...Rb1+ 31.Rc1 Rxc1# 

31.Ne6 Kg6 32.Nxg7 Rb2 33.Rd6+ Black resigned

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Essence of Evans / Jerome / Halloween

In the following blitz game Philidor1792 shows his typical creativity, aggression and persistence in whipping up an interesting attack. Resistance is strong, however, and this time White does not win the day.

Philidor1792 - Guest292640
5 0,, 2014

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6

The Two Knights Defense, avoiding the Evans Gambit and lesser gambits like the Jerome.


Philidor1792 wishes to have his gambit anyway!

This move makes me wonder why we haven't seen this gambit against the Hungarian Defense, i.e. 3...Be7 4.b4!? as if the pawn is captured, the game becomes and Evans Gambit after all.

In the text, White enters an Evans Gambit a move down, as Black's Bishop comes to b4 in one move, not the usual two. Philidor1792 doesn't fret over such trivialities.

4...Bxb4 5.c3 Be7 6.Bxf7+ 

Adding a dash of Jerome...

6...Kxf7 7.Nxe5+ 

...and a splash of the Halloween Gambit, to top it off.

7...Nxe5 8.d4 Nc6 

9.e5 Ng8 10.f4 d5 11.f5 Bh4+ 12.g3 Bg5 13.Qh5+ g6 


White is not afraid to enter an endgame with the pawns against Black's extra piece, but in this instance he might have had better chances (compared to the game) after 14.fxg6+!? Kg7 15.Bxg5 Qe8 16.0–0 hxg6 17.Bf6+ Nxf6 18.exf6+ Kf7 19.Qxd5+, although Black would still be objectively ahead.

14...Qxg5 15.Bxg5 Bxf5 16.0-0 Ke6 17.Nd2 h6 18.Be3 Nge7

19.Nb3 b6 20.a4

Looking for open lines and play on the Queenside.

20...Raf8 21.a5 Bc2 22.Nd2 Nf5 23.Bf2 Bd3 24.Rfc1 Rf7 25.axb6 axb6 26.g4 Nfe7 

27.Be3 h5 

Looking for open lines and play on the Kingside.

28.h3 hxg4 29.hxg4 Rh4 30.Kg2 Rxg4+ 31.Kh3 Re4 32.Re1 Rh7+ 33.Kg3 Nf5+ 34.Kf3 Rh3+ 35.Kg2 Rhxe3 36.Nxe4 Bxe4+ 37.Kf2 Rxc3 38.Rg1 Nfxd4 39.Ra8 Nxe5 40.Re8+ Kf6 41.Rc8 b5 White resigned

Alas, no victory today for the Evans / Jerome / Halloween pawns.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The What??

I know, I know, it baffles me, too, but some players continue to underestimate the Jerome Gambit - to their own discomfort and demise. While some people would never play the Jerome Gambit, they can be at risk against someone who plays it, and plays it, and plays it...

Wall,B - Guest1872464, 2014

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Nc3 Bc5 5.Bxf7+ Kxf7

The Italian Four Knights Jerome Gambit, which can also be reached from the regular Jerome move order: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.Bxf7+ Kxf7 5.Nc3 Nf6.


A favorite move of Bill, and an idea as old as Ruy Lopez, who proposed it in the Bishop's Opening - 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Bc5 3.Qe2 - in 1561.

Black overlooks the move's intention, and suddenly White is OK.


More solid for Black was 6...d6 7.Qc4+ (7.0-0, Wall,B - Darkmoonstone,, 2011, [1-0, 29]) as in Wall,B - Guest1459913,, 2013 (1-0, 38); or

6...h6 7.Qc4+ as in Wall,B - DarkKnight, Cocoa Beach, FL 2012 (1-0, 23); or the direct

6...d5 as in Wall,B - Samvazpr,, 2010 (0-1, 25). 

7.Qc4+ d5 

Black tried 7...Ke8 in Wall,B - Roberts,C,, 2010 (1-0,17) and Wall,B - Hamilton,E, FICS, 2011 (1-0, 22). 

8.Qxc5 dxe4 

Or 8...d4 as in Wall,B - NFNZ, FICS, 2011 (1-0, 15). 

9.Nxe5+ Nxe5 10.Qxe5 Re8 11.Qf4 Kg8 12.0-0 c6 

13.b3 Bg4 

An aggressive and thought-out move, but Bill suggests instead 13...Be6

14.Bb2 Bh5 15.Rae1 

Threatening 16.Nxe4. 

15...Bg6 16.Qg5 Nd5 17.Qg3 Rc8?

Alternatives: 17...Nb4 18.Nxe4 Nxc2 19.Qc3 Qd4; or 17...Qd7

18.Nxe4 Qd7 

Not 18...Bxe4?? 19.Qxg7#. 

19.Nd6 Rxe1 20.Rxe1 Rf8 21.d3 Nb4 22.a3 Nxc2?

Black cuts his material imbalance to one pawn, at the risk of trapping his Knight. More solid was 22...Nd5. 

23.Re2 Bxd3? 

Black might have tried 23...Rd8 as after 24.Rxc2? (correct would be 24.Qe5) 24...Qxd6 25.Qxd6 Rxd6 26.Rd2 Rxd3 the game would be even. 

24.Qxd3 Rd8 25.Qc4+ Kh8 26.Rd2 

An alternative was 26.Qf7 Qxf7 27.Nxf7+ Kg8 28.Nxd8. 

26...Qe7 27.Nf7+ Kg8 28.Rxd8+ Qxd8 29.Nxd8+ Kh8 30.Qf7 Black resigned

Mate is unavoidable.