Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One More Time - Again?

I have completed my second round of play in the ongoing "Italian Game" tournament. With three wins (thank you, Yury), two losses and a draw, I have second place in my group locked up.

I do not know if one or two players from our 4-player group will advance. If two do, I'm in, and that means more chances for more Jerome Gambits. If only one advances -- well that was a foregone conclusion, anyhow. The top player in our group was 10-0-0 in the first round, and is 5-0-1 in this round. If I am left behind, my consolation will be that I scored a draw against her (after she ducked my Jerome Gambit).

Meanwhile, there is another Italian Game tournament signing up twenty-eight players, so I've added my name to the list!

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