Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Small Smiles

I have been enjoying sharing with Readers the new pile of Bill Wall games that I have recently uncovered. There are still a good number to present.

To add to the fun, I just received a baker's dozen of games from Philidor1792 - Jerome Gambits and Jerome-inspired play.

On the internet chess circuit, as expected, Rebecca_Wiebe has won the Chess.com "Italian Game" tournament with an overwhelming score of 19-0-3. I was pleased to score 2 of those draws against her. I finished in 4th place (out of 35) with 10-6-2.

Meanwhile, the tumult continues in the Chess.com "Giuoco Piano" tournament, and when the smoke clears I may yet find myself on the top of my section and advance to the next round - by a hair's breadth.

One more game remains to be completed in the first round of another "Italian Game" tournament at Chess.com. I am the last of three from my section to move on to the second round, when it begins.  

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Rick Kennedy said...

As for the Chess.com "Giuoco Piano" tournament, one rival has knocked off the other, which helps me a lot! However, if the winner wins his last game he will probably take first, ahead of me, on tie break points, even though I defeated and drew with him in our games. That's how it goes sometimes.