Monday, April 20, 2015

Anybody want a (couple of) piece(s) of me?

In the previous post I bemoaned the fact that all of my games with White in first round of the most recent ongoing Italian Game tournament were against opponents who did not want to allow the Jerome Gambit.

Now the third round of the earlier Italian Game tournament has started, and I am in an interesting group along with Rebecca_Wiebe , who still has 200 rating points on me, but who, last round, against me chose the Hungarian Defense (3...Be7) - and gave up her only half-point (she is 13-0-1 so far in the tournament) - and djdave28 (who is 10-4-0) who lost a Jerome Gambit to me in round one.

djdave28 (I've got 100 points on him - how did that happen?) has already signaled that he is ready for a rematch by playing 3...Bc5. We will see about Rebecca_Wiebe. (No. Another Hungarian Defense.)

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