Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tournaments Update

The third round of the Chess.com Italian Game Tournament is approaching its conclusion, with one game remaining to be completed. mikerj, with 7.5 points, is playing LVercotti, with 7 points, battling for the top spot in round three, the final round.

Curiously, their positions are reversed in the overall standings, with LVercotti having 26 points and mikerj having 25.5. That might mean that while a draw would be sufficient for mikerj to win round three, but he would need a win to finish up on the top of the tournament.

I am facing a similar, if diluted, situation: I am clearly going to finish third in round three, ahead of Diogenes_of_Sinope, but he is going to leap over me by .5 points in the final standings. I guess 4th place out of 27 contestants isn't too bad.

The upcoming (players started signing up a couple of months ago) Jerome Gambit Tournament at RedHotPawn that I mentioned a month and a half ago now has 14 of its needed 16 participants. I'd love to help them complete the field, but each time I check on it I receive the reasonable message "Sorry, you are not eligible to enter this tournament. This tournament is only available to subscribers." Oh, well. I will keep you updated.

The new 5-player Chess.com "Italian Game: Guioco Piano" tournament has just started, and I expect to play 4 Jerome Gambits - in fact, I just sacced the Bishop in game 1 (I have black in the other games, but will eventually have my chance at 4.Bxf7ch!?). You will see them as they are completed. 


Rick Kennedy said...

Dear Readers,

In preparing the above post I overlooked one more game to be completed in the Chess.com "Italian Game" tournament.

It is likely that EduardoMilanez will win his game, moving him to 5th place in Round Three - but giving him enough cumulative points to, like Diogenes_of_Sinope, leap over me (likely to third on tiebreaks) in the final standings.

That will leave me in fifth place (out of twenty seven).


Rick Kennedy said...

Dear Readers,

Okay, got that wrong again!

The Chess.com "Italian Game" tournament is over, and I finished in 3rd place out of 28 players.

I guess I'll stop predicting...