Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ya Gotta Have Heart

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Philidor1792 sends a game with the heart of the Jerome Gambit, if not the moves...

NN - Philidor1792

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Bc5 

The Busch-Gass Gambit. In some cases it envisions a reversed Jerome Gambit. See "Worth a Second Look... "Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 and "The Busch-Gass Gambit".

3.Nxe5 Nc6 

Chiodini's Gambit. Black wishes to play a reversed Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit.


White sacrifices first!


I referred to this move in an earlier post as "a light-hearted alternative" to 4...Qf6. For that move, see Ake - Evilone, ICC, 1998 (0-1, 24) and hitorkoal - Philidor1792,, 2015 (0-1, 71). 


Not 5.Bc4 Qxf2 checkmate, Nguyen Bao Do - Dich Tai Khuu, VIE-ch, U07, 2014. 

5...Qxe4+ 6.Be3 Nxd4 7.Nxh8 Nxc2+ 8.Kd2 Nxa1 9.Qh5+ 

Is this strange enough for you?

9...g6 10.Qxh7 

White would do better to capture Black's Bishop at c5 rather than protect his Knight at h8. Bad things now happen.

10...Qc2+ 11.Ke1 Qxb1+ 12.Ke2 Qc2+ 13.Ke1 Bb4+ 14.Bd2 Qxd2 checkmate

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