Friday, July 29, 2016

Jerome Gambit Thematic: More Fighting Chess to Come

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The first round of the Jerome Gambit thematic tournament at is almost complete. One game remains in motion, an endgame where Black has B+N+5p and White has 5p. Assuming that Black is able to convert his advantage to a win, the following players will advance to the second round;

SeinfeldFan91 won all 6 of his games, and will advance from Group 1.

procyk and rigidwith fear each won 5 of their games, and both will advance from Group 2.

kristjan, with 5 wins, will advance from Group 3.

junnujannu, with 5 wins, will advance from Group 4.

It is pleasant to note that all players (except one who forfeited all games) in the first round were able to score at least 1 point.

Expect more fighting chess in Round Two!

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